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The LTTR Network was formed in 2004 as an association of research scientists and control personnel with common interests in promoting activities in support of initiatives to control tsetse and interrupt the transmission of African trypanosomiasis. The Network has an underlying theme of promoting collaborative research and training to improve understanding of the biology and control of tsetse, and in support of control and surveillance activities directed against the disease and its insect vectors – especially in association with the PATTEC Initiative of the African Union. Membership of the Network is offered in recognition of the following principles:

1. Commitment to improved welfare of all communities affected by African trypanosomiasis and its vectors, through promotion of activities designed to improve surveillance and control of the disease and its insect vectors.

2. Commitment to improved understanding of the biology and control of African trypanosomiasis and its vectors, through collaborative research, sharing of data and biological material, and joint dissemination of knowledge.

The strength of the LTTR Network derives from its adherence to these principles, which seek to promote collaborative research between members. The emphasis on collaborative research avoids unnecessary duplication, and brings important practical benefits:

bulletthe capacity to apply a very wide range of techniques – represented by different laboratories – to the analysis of particular research and operational questions,
bulletthe ability to examine a particular vector species or species group over its entire geographical and ecological range,
bulletcomparative studies and large-scale syntheses making full use of all available knowledge,
bullet mutual support between members, both in development of research activities and also in using the research to influence decision-making in relation to trypanosomiasis surveillance and control initiatives.

The Inaugural Workshop of the LTTRN was held at AU Headquarters, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 5-6 February 2005, immediately followed by the 4th meeting of the AU-PATTEC Policy Committee during which the LTTRN was formally welcomed and adopted as the research and technical support arm of the AU-PATTEC initiative.

C.J.Schofield LTTRN Coordinator 


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